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Respiratory Health Survey of Taconite Workers and Spouses Opens Clinic

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Virginia Regional Medical Center Study Clinic Team Members. Pictured from left to right are: Lisa Walters, R.N., Barbara Fallos, Karen Johnson, R.N., Nancy Tekautz, R.N., and Cole Bell.

(August 24, 2009) — On August 17, 2009 the Respiratory Health Survey of Taconite Workers and Spouses clinic opened in the Medical Arts Building at the Virginia Regional Medical Center. 

The University research team began sending letters in late July to a scientifically selected sample of current and former taconite workers inviting them to participate in the research study.  The University of Minnesota will continue to mail letters to workers over the next several months.  Regardless of the workers’ health status it is important for those that receive a letter from the University of Minnesota to call the study office. 

Individuals who do not receive a letter inviting them to participate can support the study by encouraging others that have been selected to call the University to find out more about the study.

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