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More Mesothelioma Cases

Fourteen additional cases of the deadly cancer mesothelioma have been discovered by doctors working on the Minnesota Taconite Workers Health Study, reported WDIO Eyewitness News on Feb. 28.


That brings the total number of cases to 77 out of more than 45,000 people. The information was delivered last week to the Minnesota Legislature. Researchers said that the new cases include people who had moved out of the state.


Progress, however, is being made with the studies. For example, doctors have taken samples from more than 3.300 workers at the six mines. The samples measure the levels of fibers, dust, and silica in people.


The people are being separated into 30 different groups and monitoring is expected to be finished this summer.


The goal of the exposure assessments is to see if there are ways to reduce the amount of time people are exposed to potentially harmful things.


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