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Timeline for Study Reports

The Minnesota Taconite Workers Health Study is a University of Minnesota research initiative, funded by the State of Minnesota, to more fully understand taconite worker health issues on Minnesota's Iron Range. The University of Minnesota School of Public Health is partnering on the project with the Medical School and the Natural Resources Research Institute. Results of the study’s five components are expected in mid- to late 2012 and early 2013. This timeline is an estimate based on current information and is subject to change as new information becomes available.


Study Purpose


Report Expected

Occupational Exposure Assessment

To understand current and historical worker exposure to components of dust from taconite operations

  • On-site measurements complete
  • Historical measurements gathered
  • Engineering controls assessed
  • Data being integrated into human health studies

Mid- to late 2012

Mortality (cause of death) Study

To compare the causes of death among the taconite workers to the general population

  • Causes of death identified
  • Data quality control and verification in progress
  • Data analysis progressing

Late 2012

Incidence Studies (Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer and Non-malignant Respiratory Diseases)

To compare the incidence of diseases of interest among the taconite workers to other groups or the general population

  • Cases identified
  • Data verification and quality control assessment on going
  • Exposures data integration in progress

Late 2012 or early 2013

Respiratory Health Survey of Taconite Workers and Spouses

To estimate non-malignant respiratory disease in workers and their spouses

  • Screening complete
  • Exposure data integration in progress

Late 2012 or early 2013

Environmental Study of Airborne Particulates

To evaluate the effects of past and present taconite mining emissions on community air quality

  • Community sampling complete
  • Detailed analyses in progress

Mid- to late 2012

Timeline date: 1/24/2012