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Resources for Individuals Without
Health Insurance

Following is a list of resources for those without health insurance:


Minnesota Health Care Programs


toll free assistance: 1-800-657-3739



Medical Assistance (MA) (Minnesota's Medicaid program)

The Medical Assistance (MA) program is Minnesota's Medicaid program for low-income families with children, seniors and people with disabilities. MA is the largest of Minnesota's three publicly funded health care programs, providing health care coverage and prescription medication coverage for a monthly average of 507,000 low-income senior citizens, children and families, and people with disabilities in fiscal year (FY) 2007. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administers Medicaid nationwide. The Minnesota Department of Human Services oversees the program, and eligibility is administered by the counties and by the state. MA is jointly funded with state and federal funds.


General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC)

The General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) provides health care coverage for low-income adults, ages 21-64, who have no dependent children and who do not qualify for Medical Assistance (MA) or other state or federal health care programs. GAMC provides medical care for a monthly average of 33,000 (FY 2007) low-income Minnesotans. The program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.



MinnesotaCare is a state program that provides subsidized health care coverage to low- and moderate-income families and individuals. The program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. MinnesotaCare is funded by a tax on hospitals and health care providers, federal Medicaid matching funds and member premiums. It is not a free program. The amount you pay depends on the number of people in your family, the number of people who are getting health insurance, and your income.


Most programs provide comprehensive coverage for health care services including preventive care, hospitalization, mental health and chemical dependency services, prescription drugs and dental care. You must fill out an application. Applications are available by calling or going to your county human services office.


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County Human Services Offices


Your local county human services office is a good place to start if you have questions or if you want to apply for any Minnesota Health Care Program. A county worker will review your application and determine which program(s) you are eligible for.


Saint Louis County Social Services Department - Duluth

Government Services Center

320 West Second Street

Duluth, MN 55802-1495

(218) 726-2101


Saint Louis County Branch Office - Virginia

Northland Office Center

307 South First Street

Virginia, MN 55792-1148

(218) 749-7137


Saint Louis County Branch Office - Ely

Government Services Center

118 South Fourth Avenue East

Ely, MN 55731-1402

(218) 365-8220


Saint Louis County Public Health and Human Services

Hibbing Courthouse Annex

1814 – 14 th Avenue East

Hibbing, MN 55746-1314

(218) 262-6000

Click here for Saint Louis County health and human services website


Itasca County Health and Human Services

Itasca Resource Center

1209 Second Avenue SE

Grand Rapids, MN 55744-3983

(218) 327-2941


Click here for Itasca County health and human services website


Lake County Human Services

616 Third Avenue

Two Harbors, MN 55616-1560

(218) 834-8400 (Two Harbors Residents)


Lake County Service Center

99 Edison Blvd.

Silver Bay, MN  55614

218-226-4444 (Silver Bay residents)

218-226-3609 (Toll Free to Two Harbors)

If you are calling from the Ely/Fall Lake area, please call toll free 800-450-8832.

Click here for Lake County health and human services website


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Primary Care Resources


The following is a list of providers who serve underinsured Minnesotans who are not eligible for Minnesota Health Care Programs. Below are the names and address of providers who may see you even if you do not have insurance. They may charge a fee based on your ability to pay. Call the provider to find out about services, hours, fees and who they serve. This list may change and may not include all the providers in your area.


Four Rivers Community Health Center

601 HWY 73

Floodwood, MN 55736

(218) 476-2969


Lake Superior Community Health Center

4325 Grand Avenue

Duluth, MN 55807

(218) 722-1497


Scenic Rivers Health Services - Floodwood

126 West Seventh Avenue

Floodwood, MN 55736

(218) 473-2221


Scenic Rivers Health Services - Cook

20 South Fifth Street East

Cook, MN 55723

(218) 666-5941


Women's Health Center of Duluth PA

32 East First Street, Suite 300

Duluth, MN 55802

(218) 727-3352


Scenic Rivers Health Services - Big Fork

135 Pine Tree Drive

Big Fork, MN 56628

(218) 743-3232


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Transportation Service


This transportation service provides rides for people to visit in nursing home, for medical appointments, grocery shopping, parent visitation to foster homes and children in physical therapy.


Saint Louis County Public Health and Human Services - Duluth

Government Services Center

320 West Second Street

Duluth, MN 558002

(218) 726-2083


Saint Louis County Public Health and Human Services - Virginia

307 South First Street

Virginia, MN 55792

(218) 749-7125


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